The South River Boat Club

South River Boat Club

Established in 1958, the South River Boat Club is a working club with about sixty-eight members at the present time. Some of our members have been with us for more than 45 years. As a working club our members participate with the up-keep and maintenance required to make this club as safe as for all our members and guests.

2017 Officers


Commodore                                 Kurt Krause
Vice Commodore                         John Crandall
Recording Secretary                    Donna Murphy
Treasurer                                     Mike Stefanyak
Corresponding Secretary             Paul Congiusta
Bar Chairman                              John Baldassano
Dock Master                                 Paul Gorman
Quarter Master                             Pat Labetti
Trustee                                        Mike Mcginnis
Trustee                                        John Veres
Trustee                                        Antonio Ferrara
Trustee                                        Mike Knox

Trustee                                        Steve Sisolak

Trustee                                        Tom Murphy

Trustee                                         Tom Werner

Trustee                                         Jack Manning
Trustee                                         Jack Tschopp

For membership information call 732-238-0220.

You can also download and complete  the

membership form below, and Email to the

SRBC. Someone from the club will

contact you about membership.

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